Week 21 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Gospel Advancing: Authorities

In this passage, we find Stephen as he spreads the Gospel message. The people revolt against his message and take him before the council. The council held power to either have Stephen executed, imprisoned, beaten or released. Yet, even in the face of all the uncertainty as he stands before the authorities, he boldly shares the Gospel. Beginning with Abraham, he shares the whole story of God’s people and then calls them out for their sin and unbelief.

The members of the council are infuriated at his words and sentence him to death by stoning. Stephen had known all along that this could be the outcome of his boldness, yet he didn’t let it deter him from what he knew he was commanded to do. The Gospel will inevitably offend people and put us in situations where persecution could be the outcome. But just like Stephen, we must still boldly proclaim the Gospel message, the story of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross.

Have you ever made a choice to boldly share the Gospel in the face of opposition? If so, what was the outcome? If not, why did you not share?