Week 3 Devo – MONDAY

The Humanity of Jesus Christ

Last week we studied about the deity of Christ, that He is 100-percent God. This week we will learn that during the 33 years He walked on this earth, Jesus was also 100-percent human. So, Jesus was both fully God and fully man – 100 percent and 100 percent. In this passage from John, we see Jesus was with God and was God at creation, proving the Trinity. Also note that the term “Word” in John 1:1, is translated from the Greek as logos, meaning “word or divine expression.” The “Word” was another expression for God. “The Word becoming flesh” is called incarnation, which literally means God “put on skin.”

In verses 4–5, what is Jesus compared to?

Jesus’ stepping down from heaven and putting on flesh was essential for the salvation of humanity. God in His righteousness could not simply ignore mankind’s sin. The offense of mankind’s sin needed to be paid for by a man. For Jesus not to be fully man would make Christ’s death on the Cross insufficient for us. A perfect man had to pay for man’s sin. The only perfect man who ever lived or ever will live is Jesus because He was fully God and fully man.

What is the significance to you that Jesus came down from heaven in human form?