Week 3 Devo – TUESDAY

The Humanity of Jesus Christ

In this passage from Philippians, the reader finds Paul explaining to the church in Philippi that Jesus gave up His rights to glory and power to become human. He limited His power and knowledge. He was no longer omnipotent (having power to do anything) or omnipresent (everywhere at once) because He confined His power to that of a human being. Christ’s life was the ultimate example of a servant who emptied himself for others.

The incarnation of Christ made God tangible. Having Jesus come to earth helps us think about God. It is through Christ that we can see a visible expression of what God is like outside of what we have from the Old Testament. Christ shows us the love of God through the Gospel accounts and how He interacted with humans while on this earth. Through this, He models how we should interact with those around us as well.

Jesus humbled Himself and became obedient to the Father, even to death on the Cross.

Are there some areas in your life in which you need to humble yourself?