Week 4 Devo – MONDAY

Who is Christ? The Sacrifice

The law of the Old Testament was a dim, vague shadow of something real. It pointed toward something that was possible, but it did not provide access to those “good things to come.” Those “good things” included access to God, permanent removal of sin, and a changed heart. Amos reminds us that those who offered sacrifices with a dishonest, faithless heart did not even have external, temporary coverage. “The offering of the body of Jesus Christ” provided the reality of those “good things.” Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s body, we “have been sanctified,” which is the strongest way the writer could say that a Christian has a continuing, permanent salvation.

What did God prepare for Jesus Christ (verse 5)?

In verse 12, what amount of time did Christ’s single sacrifice for sins cover?

Ephesians 2:8 states that it is by grace we have been saved, not by our works. Do you realize that there is nothing you can do to buy your own power to live right with God? It is probably the greatest truth we could possess, that through Jesus, it is possible for you to know God and be saved.