Week 5 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Present Ministry of Christ

The present ministry of Christ is based on a new covenant. This covenant was ushered in by the victorious sacrifice on the Cross, which resulted in Christ, the sacrificial lamb, shedding His blood for all sin. Before Christ and the realization of the new covenant, humanity lived under the law. This law was given by God to the Israelites through Moses to provide strict guidelines for living.

A veil has been lifted from our hearts and minds, and we are able to see the true meaning behind the original need for the law. Instead of having strict dietary guidelines and Sabbath laws, we are free from legalism. We can worship God now knowing that He is concerned about our hearts and our desire to fellowship with Him.

What are some ways that being under grace can make you feel too comfortable, stunting growth in your relationship with Christ and ignoring His commands?