Week 6 Devo – THURSDAY

Share Now

Peter and John found themselves before a council who would determine their fate. They could have easily defended themselves and made little of Jesus. Or they could share in that moment about the power and work of Jesus. These were common, uneducated men (v. 13). In other words, they were no different than any of us.

So why were the people astonished?

They had been with Jesus. They had resolved in their hearts to follow Jesus. They decided to stand firm, speak out, and, in this moment, share now. They took advantage of an uncertain moment and used it to proclaim the Gospel message.

The passage ends with the bold statement that they couldn’t help but speak of what they had seen and heard. The miracles, the signs, the healings, the presence of Jesus were all too much for them not to share in that moment.

When we spend time with Jesus, the same should be true of us. But is it true of you?

In what sphere of your life today do you need to share? Why?