Week 6 Devo – FRIDAY

Share Now

In the last bit of the book of Jude, he encourages us to “save others by snatching them out of the fire.” So many times in Scripture, we are commanded to share our faith with all of those around us. This week, you have had countless opportunities to talk about the Gospel.

Have you taken advantage of them?

The reality is that you are not saving others from pain and suffering. You are not saving them from hardship. You are not saving them from brokenness. You are giving them a chance to be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. He does the saving, and He saves them from hell. He saves them from an eternity separated from God.

Why wouldn’t you want your friends to experience this? How selfish do you have to be not to share the Gospel now?

This weekend is a great opportunity to share now! List a way you are going to do just that, and text it to a friend so he or she can hold you accountable.