Week 7 Devo – THURSDAY

Our Enemy: His Tempting

Jesus, hungry and thirsty, was tempted by Satan for 40 days. With Jesus at His weakest point (physically), Satan attacked with three different temptations. The first was to demonstrate his divine power by turning stones into bread (v. 3) and satisfying his own physical desires. The second temptation included Jesus’ gaining all authority over the all the kingdoms of the world if only He responds in worship. Jesus refused. The third and final temptation took place at the pinnacle of the temple. Satan quoted Scripture this time (incorrectly) to test Jesus to prove His divinity to everyone. Once again, Jesus refuted Satan by quoting Scripture, and Satan departed from Jesus to look for another opportune time to test Him.

It is interesting to note that throughout all of Jesus’ temptations, He quoted Scripture to combat Satan. What a great example for the rest of us today. Because Jesus faced Satan and conquered him in the wilderness, He can identify with us in our temptations and can help us overcome in victory. God has given us the tools and the example to overcome. As prolific Bible teacher and author Dr. Warren Wiersbe once stated, “It is not a sin to be tempted, but it is a sin to yield.”

How can you defeat Satan and not yield to his temptations?