Week 7 Devo – FRIDAY

Our Enemy: His Strategy

The context of this chapter displays the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep. There are those who pose as a shepherd, but their intent is to rob and destroy the sheep. The sheep in the sheepfold know the voice of their shepherd and run away from the voice of a stranger. Jesus uses this analogy to describe His relationship with those who are His disciples (sheep). They know Jesus and are loved by Jesus, but they are to be aware of the schemes and strategy of Satan – the thief. His intent is to steal, kill, and destroy anyone who loves and follows Jesus. Jesus’ purpose is the opposite. Jesus loves, cares for, and lays down His life for His sheep.

Why does the Lord compare His people to sheep?

First, we are prone to wander and need a shepherd to guide us (Isaiah 53:6). Second, sheep are very confused and can be considered some of the dumbest animals on earth. Therefore, it is necessary that they know the Good Shepherd, hear only His voice, and follow Him wherever He goes. Many times, however, we tend to follow the voices of friends, culture, popularity, pride or wealth. Once we are distracted and pulled away, we are then susceptible to Satan’s purpose to steal, kill, and destroy us. Do not be confused by the voices of this world. Stay tuned and focused on your Shepherd’s voice as He directs you.

What “voices” outside of Jesus are you most susceptible to?