Week 8 Devo – TUESDAY

Our Struggle

Adam’s sin brought death into the world, and because of his disobedience, we are all guilty of sin. Just as Adam’s one action brought sin into the world, Christ’s one act redeemed the world and brought life. A common theme we see clearly in this passage is that Christ’s act was much more powerful than Adam’s. Verse 15 states that more received grace though Christ’s obedience than died through Adam’s disobedience. This passage is so powerful because it speaks the Gospel.

Our response to this should be nothing else but adoration of a God who gave His Son to die for us. His death on the Cross is the most powerful act that has ever taken place. All Christians believe the Gospel, but how often do we consciously think about it? Christians need to be reminded of the Gospel. As we go throughout our days, we are either listening to the world and its lies, or we are speaking the Gospel to ourselves. It’s so easy to forget this truth. It will surely help us in our struggle here on earth.

How often do you meditate on God’s truth each day?