Week 8 Devo – FRIDAY

Our Struggle

We cannot go on sinning under the pretense that we live under a law of grace. Grace does not give us a free pass to sin without feeling guilty. We were designed to be used by God as His instruments to do His will. Our lives are no longer our own. Our old life is destroyed, and we put on the new life.

List out the words that Paul uses to describe God’s will.

God wants us to follow Him out of a love for Him. He does not want us to be bogged down by a long list of things to do. That is why He wants our whole heart. It takes sacrifice to truly follow Christ. We must radically abandon everything in us that tells us to go on sinning. This struggle is deeply rooted in ourselves, and we have to search deep within to conquer the flesh. We will never have to make a greater sacrifice than Christ made on the Cross for us. He gave us His life, and it is completely reasonable for Him to ask for ours.

What areas of your life are easy to sacrifice, and what areas are hard? Explain what and why.