Week 9 Devo – MONDAY

Our Testings

James begins his letter by telling believers that there will be trials of many kinds. Trials are inevitable in life. There is no way that they can be avoided, but James also states that we can find joy in the trials that we face. James is quick to tell Christians that trials are joyous because they test our faith. When our faith is tested, it produces patience, or steadfastness, in our own lives and our faith becomes evident to those around us.

Hearing the word test brings about anxiety, nervousness or dread to many. However, think about the times in which you have studied diligently for an exam. You can walk into the classroom, sit down and, with confidence, take the test in front of you knowing that you are prepared to answer any question you may face. Christ desires that same readiness for the believer who faces tests and trials. He gives us His Word so that we may be ready when the trials come.

How can you have joy when you go through trials?