Week 9 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Our Testings

All stories have a commonality: conflict. Think of your favorite movie or your favorite book. You can even think of songs that are on the radio. Without conflict, you would never get the resolution that makes a story so great. There is one theme that Peter makes very clear in this passage: if you identify with Jesus, conflict will follow. In verse 17, Peter says “it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God.” In the Old Testament, the “household of God” was the house of God or the temple. In the New Testament, Christ-followers are the household of God; we are the temple. So if judgment begins with the household, then it begins with Christians. This judgment purifies us so that we may be made stronger in our faith, more like Jesus, and better able to share the Gospel with those who do not know Jesus.

We probably do not have people trying to kill us for following Christ. But if you follow Jesus, there has probably been a time in your life when you have sacrificed what the world deems important for what God wants from you. We will face suffering, but we can persevere because Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit rests on us in a powerful way when we suffer for Christ.

How have you felt the Holy Spirit rest on your life as you have endured suffering?