Week 9 Devo – FRIDAY

Our Testings

At the conclusion of this section, Paul states that this type of trial that he encountered was one that taught him not to rely on himself or his friends, but on God. It was only through this intense trial that exceeded Paul’s own ability to cope, that he learned to fully trust God for whatever situation he faced.

Why should we set our hope on God when we are going through times that are difficult?

Just like Paul, you will have times in your life when you feel overwhelmed. As a Christian, it is important for you to remember that God is in control of the situation. Instead of your trying to control what is going on, step back and let God have control. Allow Him the opportunity to work in the situation and deliver you from the trial you are facing. Just as Paul learned from the trial that he was experiencing, attempt to figure out what God is trying to tell you through your trial. In every circumstance, God wants you to look to Him for an answer and be patient in waiting for it.