Week 15 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Church is United in the Essentials

My children are not a part of our family because of what they do. They belong because they were born into our family. They will always belong because I will always be their father. Yet, being a part of our family comes with certain expectations. I expect them to treat each other lovingly and to consider each other’s feelings in how they speak and act. So it is with the family of God.

Being free from the law does not mean that we can live however we want. Although our place in the family is secure, being a child of God comes with certain expectations and obligations. For Gentile Christians in the early church, James outlined some expectations of how they were to live among their Jewish brothers and sisters. We would do well to be considerate of fellow Christians as well.

How can you live in a way that respects and considers other believers in your life?