Week 16 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Church is United in Love

Never waste a detour. They are God’s divine interruptions to accomplish His purposes. Paul was preaching in Thessalonica and in Berea when he was harassed and run out of town by unbelieving Jews. He escaped to Athens, where God used him to bring the gospel many people who did not know God.

God wants other people to understand who He is through the gospel and to know Him through Jesus. Paul took advantage of this opportunity that was outside of his plans, but certainly within the plan of God. As Paul said to the Athenians, God does not need us (Acts 17:25), but God does want to use us for His kingdom and glory. Look for opportunities in each circumstance, even the ones you never planned for. God may have put you there to accomplish something great.

How can you serve God in the circumstances you find yourself in during this season of your life?