Week 2 Devo – MONDAY

The Church is Sent to the World

Although fasting is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments about 100 times, many Christians do not practice fasting. Fasting is a discipline that sharpens our ability to know and live out God’s plan and purpose. It was “while they were worshiping the Lord and fasting” (Acts 13:2) that the disciples heard what the Holy Spirit was saying.

Prayer and fasting are tools God has given to believers to know and discern His will. Fasting provides you with time to pray because you are cutting other things out of your day. The point is to stop doing something temporarily in order to seek God instead. We have so much noise in our lives that it can be hard to pause and hear God’s voice. We need to tune out the distractions and listen to God speak.

What can you give up this week in order to seek God more intentionally?