Week 2 Devo – FRIDAY

The Church is Sent to the World

As followers of the crucified Savior, we should always be willing to suffer, but we also need the wisdom for when to remove ourselves from a bad situation. This tension is on display in Acts 14. Paul is doing the work of the Lord, but he is also facing fierce opposition at every turn.

At first, Paul and Barnabas stayed and proclaimed the word boldly, but when they found out the Jewish and city leaders were planning to stone them, they fled. The pattern repeats itself in the next city, but there, Paul was stoned and left to die. Although he survived, he got out of town the very next day. When you are doing what is right, expect opposition and hardships. Be willing to suffer for what is right, but also know that you don’t always have to stay in a bad situation. Seek help and remove yourself from dangerous situations. It is sinful to repay evil for evil or to be ashamed of Jesus and give into pressure to stop living a godly life, but there’s nothing particularly ungodly about not enduring evil if God gives you opportunities to remove yourself. Seek help today if you need it, and try to help others who are being mistreated, too.

Is there a situation you need to take steps to remove yourself from? If so, how can you reflect God through your exit?