Week 3 Devo – THURSDAY

The Church is United in the Gospel

Your identity and joy are not what you do for God, but that you belong to God. If you have believed in Jesus, you are God’s. Jesus said, “everything I have is yours, and everything you have is mine” (John 17:10). Even now, just say these words in your mind as an encouragement and comfort—“I’m His.” Have you gotten over the fact that Jesus has saved you? Have you moved on to bigger and better things? Have you forgotten the miracle it took to bring you to God? Don’t ever get over the fact that Jesus has saved you.

Be anchored in this assurance – “I guarded them and not one of them is lost” (John 17:12). If you belong to Jesus, you will never be lost—not because you are strong and faithful, but because He will never lose you. Are you living like you are His? If your primary identity is that you are a child of God, you should look in the mirror and ask, “Does my life reflect that identity, or is some other thing at the center?” Belonging to God and being a citizen of the kingdom of heaven ought to bring the priorities of God’s kingdom to center stage in our lives. It should determine how we engage in every sphere of life. It’s about more than just going to heaven; it’s about living for the priorities of heaven here on the earth.

How can your priorities show that your identity is in Christ?