Week 6 Devo – TUESDAY

Hot Topics: LGBTQ+

From the very beginning, God not only created the world we live in, but He created patterns and systems for us to follow. In Genesis 2, God outlines the first marriage, one man and one woman committing to love one another. The Old and New Testaments tell of men and women failing to follow the directions for marriage, and suffering because of it. Yesterday, we discussed how modern culture views our bodies as tools for personal pleasure but corrected this idea with the truth that all things were created by God and for His glory. How can marriage be used for the glory of God? Well, for one, marriage was created to be a picture of God’s love for the Church. Jesus, as a husband, has committed to loving the Church, loving the Church so intensely that He gave His life for her. Because of this great love, we can trust that God wants to see us flourish.

How different the world looks to those who hold on to God’s truth. Today’s verses show that God has designed us for Himself. He has given us an excellent moral law that’s designed to be protection, not punishment. He cares for us and has a future in store for us where we will be made right and whole through Jesus.

How does believing in a loving God give you hope and peace about the future that others don’t have?                                                              

Does this help you to have compassion for those who feel as though they live in a universe without purpose?                                                       

How does this change the way you view your future?