Week 6 Devo – THURSDAY

Hot Topics: LGBTQ+

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve’s sin resulted in the curse of spiritual death, which will cause a separation of our spirits from our bodies. But this will not remain the case forever. Our bodies are not some dirty pieces of us that we will get rid of when we go to heaven. Remember what happened at Christ’s Resurrection? God’s victory over death was shown when His Spirit was rejoined to an updated version of His physical body. The same thing will happen to us! God’s plan includes the restoration of our relationship with God and the restoration of the physical world and, with it, our physical bodies. 

Today’s verses show that the Holy Spirit lives in our bodies today, that the whole world is waiting for Jesus to make us new again, and that these updated bodies and earth will last forever. Society might see the physical as unimportant or accidental, but the Bible stresses the value of the physical world through the end of time.                                                 

People are often searching for “what feels right,” how does understanding God’s eternal purpose for the physical change your view on this phrase as a tool for knowing what to do?

In what ways are you using your physical body as an instrument for God’s good?