Week 26 Devo – TUESDAY

The Early Church: Trusting in Christ in Life and Death

As we reflect on the beginning of Acts 6, we should not think of the servants as glorified assistants or errand boys for the apostles. Here, we see that Stephen, a servant of the church, was preaching the Gospel. Why? Because this is the calling of all Christians. Stephen also modeled for us the fact that believing and preaching the Gospel will bring hardship. As the book of Acts continues and we see the martyrdom of Stephen, perhaps what stands out most clearly is not only his boldness, but also his integrity. Even those who persecuted him noticed something different about his ministry and disposition (v. 15) – he was full of the Holy Spirit, and he had been with the Lord. They might have decided to persecute him, but they knew they were persecuting a righteous man.

In what ways does your life show that the Holy Spirit lives in you?