Week 27 Devo – FRIDAY

The Early Church: Trusting in the Gospel of Jesus

Cancer is a cruel killer that refuses to discriminate, often taking children, adults and many of our grandparents. Imagine for a moment: What if you had a cure for cancer? Wouldn’t you reach out to every hospital and let them know that you had the cure? Of course you would! Yet, there is a more deadly, invasive disease than cancer – it’s called sin, and it, too, brings death. Thankfully, God provided the cure, which is the Gospel of Jesus. The Good News that sin and death are defeated is found in Jesus’ death on the Cross and the empty tomb. Apart from Christ, there was no answer for our sin. But through Him, we can be saved and experience eternal life.

We are called to share this Good News with the world. Otherwise, people will die in their sins. May we be prayerful and intentional in sharing the cure with those who so desperately need it.

What are some needs among the people you know that you can address with the Good News of Jesus?