Week 30 Devo – FRIDAY

Creation: Sin’s Effects

Once sin entered the world, it would be at odds with God until the end of time. You will either live your life pursuing the things of the God (righteousness and sanctification) or the things of the world (sin). One results in eternal life in heaven and the other results in death and eternal separation from God. This is the wage (payment) of sin. Death is the only payment for sin. Someone or something has to die. We live in this reality each and every day because we are sinful each and every day. Thankfully, a payment has been made on our behalf, and we didn’t have to do anything for it. It was given as a gift to each of us.

How thankful are you today that this payment has been made?

If you have surrendered your life to Christ, take a moment to pray and thank God that your wage is not death but eternal life.