Week 31 Devo – MONDAY

Creation: New Life

As we learned last week, our sin leads to death. However, part of God’s magnificent plan is that new life would be offered. Once Jesus came and lived and died and rose again, our payment for sin had been paid in full. When we acknowledge who Jesus is and surrender our life to Him, something happens in our hearts. Those dead, lifeless organs are brought back to life. They are filled with new life from God. What was once dead is now alive and better than ever. God, the One who brought Jesus back to life also brings us back to life spiritually. This is made possible by the Holy Spirit who comes and fills that new heart with new life.

The key to this passage is the phrase, “If Christ is in you….” Do you know whether Christ lives in you?

When was the moment your dead heart came to life? Reflect on that moment and thank God for it.