Week 25 Devo – TUESDAY

Persevering in the Mission

As we meet and talk with others, we should be careful not to assume that they have a good understanding of the Gospel. When Paul arrived in Ephesus, he encountered about 12 disciples who had responded to the message of John the Baptist, but they were still unaware that the Holy Spirit had come at Pentecost, and that the predictions John had made about the coming Messiah were now fulfilled. So, Paul baptized them in the new covenant, and they received the Holy Spirit.

Like Paul, we need to ask good questions of those we encounter in order to discern their faith and standing with Christ. This takes situational awareness and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Having discernment to know when to say something and how to say it is a beautiful thing, and we’ve all seen how awkward it can be when someone isn’t sensitive to others or the situation. So, be prayerful in every situation, trusting that God will give you the wisdom to share about Him with clarity and sensitivity.

  • How can you share Jesus with someone in your life who may not understand the Gospel?