Week 26 Devo – TUESDAY

Continuing through Opposition

In spite of Paul’s best efforts to demonstrate respect for the Jews, his adversaries were committed to his destruction. Jews who had experienced his ministry in Asia Minor and rejected his message saw him in Jerusalem and stirred the crowds against him. Slander quickly turned to violence, and the Roman military had to step in to save Paul’s life and calm the crowd. Paul was given an opportunity to defend himself, which he used to share the story of his Jewish background and life-changing experience of Jesus.

If given the opportunity to explain the reason you live the way that you do, what would you say? For Paul, the foundation of his lifestyle was his encounter with Jesus. The motivation for his missionary endeavors was not his own ambition or desire for influence; rather, it was simply that the Lord has said, “Go, because I will send you” (22:21). This should be the motivation for our lives – that we have encountered Jesus and been commissioned by Him. No other justification is needed, nor any excuse sufficient.

  • How can you use your story to share Jesus’ story?