Week 27 Devo – THURSDAY

Breaking Down Barriers

Hostility is rooted in distrust and resentment and is perpetuated by unforgiveness. It creates walls between people that separate friendships and further divide enemies. We were once the enemies of God, separated from His kingdom, promises and family. But God has brought us near through the blood of Christ. In Him, we can be brought near to each other, “for he is our peace” (v. 14).

What walls exist between you and your family? Between you and your friends? Between you and someone you consider an enemy? God has made a way for us to have peace. But we must be willing to forgive. Because God has shown us mercy, we have to extend it to others. The Gospel that unites us is greater than the issues that divide us. So, be a peacemaker this week. Seek forgiveness and extend it yourself. He has made us one so that we can live in unity.

  • With whom are you at odds, and how can you seek peace and unity?