LEAD TEAM - Plano Campus


  • Students will participate in LEAD Team training in the Fall & Spring.
    • Summit 2024 – August 11 at 4:00 p.m. Mark your calendars!
    • Winter Huddle 2025 – Stay tuned.
  • Students will go through Starting Point with a staff member or adult leader.
  • Students will be encouraged to consistently participate in a discipleship group.
  • Students will have more personal time and interaction with Prestonwood Students staff.


  • Each student will have weekly ministry responsibilities including, but not limited to, MDWKs and weekends.
  • Students will have the responsibility of dreaming, planning, developing, and carrying out ministry opportunities on their school campus, in their homes, and for Prestonwood Students as a whole.

How to Become a Lead Team Student

  1. Pray about this decision. Pause and pray right now. Discuss it with several friends, as well as your parents, your Life Group Leader, and your mentors.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. A staff member will reach out to schedule a one-on-one interview.

Team Responsibilities and Descriptions

Whatever your interests and gifts are – there’s a place for you! You have the chance to make an eternal impact due to your leadership and oversight of Prestonwood Student Ministry. Below, you will see what different service opportunities and each team’s responsibilities. Each team listed has staff oversight and is further led by Team Captains.

Primary Team

Check back soon for more details.

Secondary Team

Check back soon for more details.

Note: To serve on the Worship Team or a MDWK Team, you must serve on an additional team on the weekends.

Would you like to join LEAD Team?