Purpose of LEAD Team 

The LEAD Team is an opportunity for Prestonwood Students to know God more and make Him known, as well as leverage their God-given gifts and talents in order to impact the world around them for Christ. The LEAD Team encompasses various positions of leadership. While each position of leadership has differing descriptions and expectations, the goal is the same: for student leaders to make disciples of Jesus Christ as they live out their walk with Christ in the mission field where He has placed them.

The LEAD Team has two primary purposes:

  1. Engage discipleship that leads to personal evangelism
  2. Gain leadership experience


  • Students will participate in LEAD Team training sessions.
  • Students will go through Starting Point with a staff member or adult leader.
  • Students will be encouraged to consistently participate in a discipleship group.
  • Students will have more personal time and interaction with Prestonwood Students staff.


  • Each student will have weekly ministry responsibilities including, but not limited to, MDWKs and weekends.
  • Students will have the responsibility of dreaming, planning, developing, and carrying out ministry opportunities on their school campus, in their homes, and for Prestonwood Students as a whole.